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Attention Affiliate Partners: We're Giving You $5,000 to Go Anywhere in the World When You Make 30 Annual Leadpages Sales By May 1st


We want to send you on a trip of a lifetime. Make 30 annual Leadpages sales by 11:59 PM Eastern on May 1st and we'll give you $5,000 to take your dream vacation. This ends in:


Where Will You Go on Your Dream Vacation?

Remember: This is not a contest or a drawing. 

We're sending every affiliate partner who qualifies for this trip on a $5,000 vacation. 

So why not you? Why not plan on taking the holiday of a lifetime? It's within your grasp.

Take a moment and think about where you'd like to go. 

Maybe walk along the streets of Paris. See the pyramids. Relax on a beach somewhere. Drive across the country with your family—it's all possible with $5,000 in your pocket. 

(And keep in mind: This $5,000 is above and beyond your regular recurring 30% commissions—so you'll have plenty of spending money after making 30 sales for this trip.)

The Bare Minimum: What You Must Do to Claim Your Trip Anywhere in the World

 Step #1 

Make at least 30 annual or 2-year Leadpages sales through your affiliate link between now and 11:59 PM Eastern on May 1, 2017. 

Step #2 

Keep in mind: All 30 of these new customers must stick with Leadpages for at least 45 days. (And you must stay an affiliate in good standing throughout this 3-month period.)

Step #3 

Got your 30 sales? Fantastic. Tell us when you're going on your vacation, and we'll send you $5,000 for your trip. 

Step #4 

While you're on vacation, we'd like to share your experiences with others (and give you free publicity). So we'll ask you to post on social media about your travels, and pen a blog post after you're home.

That's the bare minimum. Make sure to scroll down for all the details.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goal. (Just Ask!)

Reach Out to Us in the Facebook Community 

Our Affiliate Manager, Alivia Wenc, will be in the private Facebook group for Leadpages partners every day during this 3-month vacation program. 

Alivia will be answering your questions, sharing victories, and helping you through any stumbling blocks along the way. Click here to join our community if you haven't already.

Cohost a Leadpages Webinar with Us 

There's a reason why cohosting a webinar with us is one of our top 5 ways to drive more affiliate commissions.

Year after year, our top affiliate partners at Leadpages are always the partners who cohost webinars with us. After hosting over 750 live webinars for Leadpages, Tim Paige definitely has what it takes to close sales for you.  

For details on how to host a webinar, check out our top 5 ways to drive more affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Assets: Use Our Resources to Sell  

We have stuffed your affiliate portal with new resources you can use to share Leadpages with your audience, including:

  • New evergreen promotions: You can use promotions any time you like to boost your commissions.
  • New evergreen email series: You can share these emails as one-off broadcasts, or build them into your recurring email campaigns so your audience sees them more often.
  • New evergreen resource page: You can edit this sharable drag-and-drop template to include your favorite resources. Or publish it as is with just Leadpages resources.
  • Plus, evergreen courses, Leadpages images, banners, logos, and more. Check the affiliate portal for details.

Be on the Lookout for Short-Term Promos 

Nearly every month, we send you short-term promotions, affiliate webinars, and other opportunities you can use to generate extra commissions. 

So keep an eye on your email, or watch the Facebook Community for more details about quick ways to earn extra sales.

Email Questions to Partnerships@Ave81.com

Got questions? We want to help you out. 

Our Affiliate Manager, Alivia Wenc, is standing by to assist you with anything you need at partnerships@ave81.com. 

Specifically, you should reach out to her if you need any affiliate links created, ideas for generating more commissions, or any questions about anything related to the $5,000 vacation or the affiliate program in general. 

Not a Leadpages Affiliate Yet? Sign Up Now.

 Step #1 

To be a Leadpages affiliate partner, you must first purchase a Leadpages membership. Go here to purchase Leadpages now.

Step #2 

Sign up to be a Leadpages affiliate partner. It only takes 5 minutes. You can sign up from inside your Leadpages account right here.

Step #3 

Email our Leadpages affiliate team at partnerships@ave81.com and ask for your custom link to share Leadpages.

Step #4 

Share this custom affiliate link anywhere your audience hangs out online. Once you do, you'll earn 30% recurring commissions for anyone who purchases Leadpages through your link.  

Make 30 annual or 2-year Leadpages sales by May 1st 2017, and you'll get this $5,000 vacation. Read on below for all the details.

The Not-So Fine Print: Everything You Need to Know About This $5,000 Vacation Program 

What are the exact dates of this $5,000 vacation program?

The dates to participate in this 3-month program are February 1, 2017, to May 1, 2017. Note: $5,000 vacation payments may be awarded up to 46 days after the end of this program.

Who's eligible to participate in this 3-month program? 

To participate in this 3-month vacation program—and possibly qualify for a $5,000 vacation—you must be an Leadpages affiliate partner in good standing.  

For the purposes of this program, "a Leadpages affiliate partner in good standing" means you're abiding by all Leadpages affiliate terms and conditions, and you're also following all local, state, and national laws. (This is void where prohibited by local law.) 

Also, for the purposes of this program, Leadpages is sponsoring this incentive program for affiliates in good standing from February 1, 2017, to May 1, 2017. 

How do I qualify for this $5,000 vacation bonus?  

To qualify for this $5,000 vacation bonus, you must: 

1) Be an affiliate partner in good standing (and remain so during the 3-month program).  

2) Make at least 30 eligible annual or 2-year Leadpages sales with your unique affiliate link between February 1, 2017, and 11:59 PM Eastern on May 1, 2017.

To qualify as an eligible sale, the purchaser's Leadpages membership must be maintained for at least 45 days after purchase.

3) Once you have made the prerequisite 30 sales as an affiliate partner in good standing, you will be required to give the prospective dates for your vacation in 2017 via email. 

After this is accomplished, Leadpages will send you $5,000 via PayPal for you to use for your vacation. 

4) Once you're taking your $5,000 vacation, Leadpages will ask you to post social media updates about your travels. Specifically, Leadpages asks that you post: 

  • At least 5 Facebook updates (such as Facebook Live broadcasts, video postings, photos, etc.) with the hashtag #LeadpagesPaidVacation. 
  • At least 1 blog post when you return from your trip. (This can be on your private blog, LinkedIn, etc.) In exchange, we'll be happy to share your experiences on Leadpages social media—and give you some free publicity for your business.

What counts as "eligible Leadpages membership/affiliate sale" for this $5,000 vacation program?

For the purposes of this program, a new eligible Leadpages account or affiliate sale is defined as any new Leadpages member who both: 

1) Purchases an annual or 2-year Leadpages membership through your unique affiliate link between the dates of February 1, 2017—May 1, 2017, 


2) Maintains their Leadpages membership for a minimum of 45 days after purchasing. 

Note: A new Leadpages member must do both of the above to qualify as one of the 30 necessary affiliate sales to qualify for this vacation bonus. 

How do I enter to take part in this $5,000 vacation program?

No need to "enter." If you're already a Leadpages affiliate partner in good standing, then you're free to participate in this $5,000 vacation program right now. 

The next step for you is to start making annual and 2-year Leadpages sales, so you reach your minimum of 30 annual or 2-year sales by May 1st, 2017. 

If you're NOT currently a Leadpages affiliate partner (and you'd like to take part in this), then please note that you do need to be a Leadpages member to take part in the Leadpages affiliate program.  

Already a Leadpages member, but not an affiliate partner yet? No problem. 

Go here to sign up to be an affiliate partner. (It takes about 5 minutes.) 

Once you're registered as a Leadpages affiliate partner, you're free to participate in this $5,000 vacation program, provided, of course, you remain an affiliate partner in good standing. (Note: You can sign up to be a Leadpages affiliate partner any time up until May 1, 2017, and still take part in this affiliate program.) 

Once you sign up as an affiliate partner, we recommend you dive into the affiliate portal and start sharing Leadpages with your audience. Here's a quick look at how to access the affiliate portal: 


How and when will I know if I qualify for this $5,000 vacation? 

Leadpages will track all affiliate sales throughout this 3-month program. We'll be emailing you reminders throughout this program to help you reach your 30-sale goal.

How will you know you got your vacation? We'll email all affiliates in good standing who qualify for this $5,000 vacation, AFTER their 45-day locking period ends. 

Note: This vacation announcement may happen as late as mid-June, because the 3-month program is ending on May 1st, 2017. 

If certain affiliate partners reach their 30-sale goal early in the 3-month program (and pass their 45-day locking period), Leadpages may award their $5,000 vacation sooner than that. 

Bottom line: You'll be emailed when you qualify for this $5,000 vacation. 

I want to keep track of my own affiliate sales. Can I do that?

If you'd like to track your affiliate sales along with us, you're welcome to check out your sales any time inside the Leadpages affiliate portal. 

(However, please note: Leadpages has the final say on what qualifies as your 30 sales.) 

If you're new to the affiliate portal, check out our video below for details on how to keep track of your sales. To be clear: This is not required to be part of this program. But it's there if you'd like to check it out.


You keep saying "$5,000 vacation"—exactly what does that mean? 

Good question. When Leadpages deems that you qualify for this $5,000 vacation (based on all the criteria above), Leadpages will first alert you via email. We'll ask for the dates you're taking this vacation this year. 

(After all, we want to reward you right now, so we encourage you to take your dream vacation in 2017.)

Once you respond, we'll issue you a PayPal payment for $5,000. We encourage you to use this cash to take your dream vacation.  

However, we will NOT be booking your flights, arranging hotels, or providing extra spending money for this vacation beyond this initial $5,000 payment. That's all up to you. We also do not take responsibility (fiscal or otherwise) for any misfortunes that may occur during your vacation.

I'm located outside the United States. Can I still participate in this $5,000 vacation program? 

Yes, you should be able to. This is not a contest, or a drawing. It's a bonus payment of $5,000. 

Therefore, it is available to affiliate partners outside the U.S., provided of course that the local laws in your current country/area do not prohibit you from accepting a bonus like this $5,000 via PayPal. (Note: This is your responsibility to check on this.)

I am so in! How do I get started?  

Fantastic! The best way to get started is begin sharing Leadpages with your audience ASAP. You want to start making annual and 2-year Leadpages sales ASAP so you can reach your 30-sale goal by May 1, 2017. 

We have a ton of resources to help you do that. We recommend:

  • Review our top 5 ways to drive more affiliate sales. We recommend you get started with these suggestions ASAP to not only hit your 30-sale goal, but also to collect your normal 30% recurring commissions above and beyond the $5,000 bonus. 

  • Host a webinar with us! We're going to be hosting at least 3 Leadpages webinars for our affiliate partners nearly every week during this 3-month program. Here's how it works: You bring the audience, we provide the webinar. You register an audience of 150 or more for the webinar, and our webinar expert, Tim Paige, will host the live training for you. Then you get all the affiliate commissions (and annual or 2-year sales from that webinar.) To schedule a webinar, reach out directly to Alivia Wenc at partnerships@ave81.com.

  • Join our Leadpages Partner Facebook Group: This is NOT required at all for this program, but we recommed you join the private Facebook community for Leadpages partners, just so you can connect with other affiliate partners, get ideas on how to drive more sales, and see all posted updates about this $5,000 vacation program. (Again, not required! But it's a good resource for you.) 

  • Check out the affiliate portal: We have added a ton of new evergreen promotions, email series, images, GIFs, and other assets to share Leadpages with your audience. If you're not sure how to get to those assets, be sure to watch the quick video below.

I'm so excited but I have more questions. Where do I go? 

No problem! Please reach out directly to our Affiliate Manager, Alivia Wenc, at partnerships@ave81.com and she'll help you out ASAP! In the meantime, click below for more ideas on how to drive sales. 

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