Leadpages and SiteTuners Present: A Free Online Event 

The 3 Most Important Questions Every Landing Page Must Answer to Get More Conversions

Bob The Teacher Leadpages Education

Bob Jenkins, Leadpages

Marty Greif SiteTuners

Marty Greif, SiteTuners

Convert More of Your Web Traffic to Leads and Customers with These Optimization Strategies and Landing Page Best Practices

In this training, a pair of marketing minds behind Leadpages and SiteTuners are teaming up to reveal over a dozen ways to improve conversions from your web traffic and leads with better landing pages. We'll reveal the best practices to turn more of your visitors into leads, and more of your leads into customers—and it all starts with making sure you're answering 3 essential questions with every landing page!

In this new training, Bob and Marty will show you. .. 

  • The 3 most important questions every great landing page must answer for your visitors (ignore any one of these questions at your peril).
  • How to make sure your landing pages are primed for higher conversions.  
  • How to boost any page's conversion rate (even your homepage) with 3 simple tweaks. 
  • Where to include images on your landing pages (and where to find them). 
  • What common elements on a sales page destroy your conversions (and which ones most people forget about will give you the biggest boost). 
  • Bonus Strategy: Why you should never publish another piece of content without doing this one extra thing (don't worry—it'll take less than 10 minutes to do, but will likely 2x your list growth if you do it). 

If you're ready for your business to go from good to spectacular, see more results from your digital marketing efforts, all while spending less time marketing—then you'll want to join us for this exclusive training.

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